How to overcome the fear of suicide?

  November 11th, 2017 by Fuckyouall

I’m not asking you for any methods to be clear, I already know my method and as it is against the rules i will obviously not share this.
My problem is I have no room to play around, I’m not trying to make a suicidal gesture, I want to be dead on the first try but I can’t cope with the massive fear coming along with it. I am not depressed and I’ve tried to resolve my problems, I’ve talked to family and counselors, none of which helped because I’m in a truly unsolvable situation. I don’t want to die but I have to which makes the whole thing extremely difficult. I don’t know how to overcome my emotional instincts that try to keep me alive. Does anyone know help or at least some other place where I could find help for this? I’ve tried alcohol but most of the time it has the opposite effect, it just makes me think I will do it another time and go to sleep first lol.

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