It’s Christmastime again!

  November 21st, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

You know I am the type to share on here things I have kept hidden. Things I have silenced myself on. And things that are actually very funny looking back on it. No matter if it still holds true. (This is non-fiction. This is a true story.)

As Christmas approaches, year after year I am asked to make a list of things I want.  My list (as a teenager) would usually be 1. Money in large sums. 2. CDs 3. Magazines 4. Games

And why would you think money is the top of my list? Well, since I was 12, I needed money for a shotgun for self-immolation. (Such a perfect way to die.) All the other things were added on for affect.

Money will always be at the top of my list. Too bad money is never what santa brings me.

Last year, Santa brought me some books and a gift card to the movie theatre, a candle, some soap, and a bed sheet. Aw what a lovely waste of time and the money I could use on something I really want!

I was asked to make a list this year. I will continue to say “no gifts for me” “no gifts please” I don’t want any more gifts. I am not going to celebrate another Christmas. Hopefully I can get back to my small paying gig and get my own money flowing in. Hopefully.

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