Its shocking what people post online

  November 8th, 2017 by lonewolf23

I guess facebook and social media is where all the deep shit is. I just created my first facebook account and i saw all the shit my family members post and some of it surpises me. Its not even just family members but also old friends. I am shocked by their distrust in me. They have all these problems going on and yet they can’t talk to me about it in person. They wanna go tell their “homies” first before i even find out about it. Which naturally begs the question what the hell am i to them? I am their brother, son, friend. So why do they think I’m not trustworthy? This kind of thing makes me want to start fresh and let em have it how they want it. There’s also too much drama in my family and my parents wanna play the victim role when in fact their kids were the victims. But fuck being a victim! I’m done being a victim, i bring up this deep shit in person because i keep things real in my relationships. Apperantly being honest with one another is taboo nowadays. So after relentless efforts to gain their trust I’ve chosen to finally make their false judgement of me a truth. I have left the nest and my hometown into new territory. I am ready to heal and start a new life. I’m just sicken tired of all the lies and fake connections these people came with. Sometimes the most toxic people are your family members and even your friends. I’m ready for change and if they ain’t then thats fine with me because i wont wait for them. I’m doing this for me because their negativity is having a bad influence on my life. Drinking, drugs, emotional, and physical abuse is something i can’t withstand any longer. I’ve had enough of that life and now I’m suddenly the bad guy for not wanting part in that. Over these past couple of months I have healed and grown more than i ever thought possible. I have started to hang around a more positive crowd and it has really improved my ability to pursue happiness. So I’m gonna continue on this path of financial struggle paying rent and bills because I’d much rather struggle with money than to struggle with an unhealthy mind and body. Once the mind and body is stable i can then stabilize my financial situation. Money issues are a piece of cake to me compared to being dads personal punching bag. It’s very low of parents to use their children as therapeutic punching bags whether its verbally, physically or both. Kinda got off on a tangent there.

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