Nature creates assholes

  November 2nd, 2017 by eternaldarkness

I used to ponder if humans have been getting shittier and shittier the last few decades, or is it that we have always been shitty? Before you spout “but humans are wonderful!,” wonderful people do not enslave others, systematically beat, torture and rape them, put them in concentration camps, gas and perform sick and cruel experiments on them, or slaughter the native people of every single place they land on. Just a few examples of how “wonderful” humans are.

To wonder about humans, we must start off with other organisms in the animal kingdom, and fishes and birds, and insects. In nature, animals eat other animals. We know that. But what’s also very common and occurs in almost all species, is that the babies routinely kill their siblings so they can get all the food the mother brings.

This bird is trying to kill his smaller brother:

This one is trying to kill the smaller bird:

This one is killing it’s brothers and sisters while still in the womb!

Yes, our murdering tendencies start at conception!

When nature does it, we just accept it and don’t blink an eye. “It’s just part of nature!”
When humans do it, we say “oh but they are the very very few, the exception, the rest of us are good!”

I’m not just saying that humans are evil (although we are). But that maybe we were innately born to be “evil.” Just like all the other animals and insects and fish.

Bad, evil, natural, nature, survival. Call it whatever. At the end of the day, it isn’t the “nice” bird, animal, or human that survives and gets all the resources. It’s the assholes.

On the same token, If animals do it and it’s just part of nature and not evil, then it follows that humans are not “evil” either, and that it’s just “part of nature.”

So over time, after thousands and thousands of generations of “culling” and nature selecting the best traits for survival (which means killing off your siblings or rivals), we end up what we have today- all the organisms that are alive today were the most brutal, most savage and most homicidal- and that includes humans.

This is just a thought. You don’t have to agree. I am merely extrapolating from nature. And humans are part of nature, subject to all it’s rules and conditions just like any other organism. Humans are fundamentally no different from all the other animals and organisms in nature. People like to think we are outside of nature, that we are so different, we are so civilized and so advanced, while animals are not consciously thinking about their actions but merely surviving on instinct. Pretty sure that bird pecked it’s sibling to death because it chose to do it (not all sibling birds of that species kill their siblings). And guess what? It worked. It killed it’s brother and got all the food it’s mother brought back.

Survival of the most asshole-ish.
That’s what life is.

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