Nooooo Juice

November 18th, 2017by AgentQ

Imagine you have a car. A nice car. A sports car even. Powerful engine. Sleek design, etc.

But there’s one hangup: It takes a special type of fuel that is extremely difficult to find and may not even exist.

How fast does this car go?

It goes no where.

And that’s a sports car. Many are rundown, busted up, battered, broken.

many don’t even have a car.

But you still need fuel.

Anyone feel like they’re brain is just empty? Like it’s dry as a bone. Like you have no feeling. No motivation to smile or joke around or even have sex? Just dead and walking. Like a zombie.

I need more cough syrup. (before you make assumptions my mind was like this long before cough syrup)

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