One of the few joys

  November 5th, 2017 by eternaldarkness

for me is watching stuff like UFC. Anybody watch it? UFC 217 that just happened last night was AWE-SOME. 😛 Gave me a little energy just watching it. Ah, if only I was a physical specimen at the peak of my youth and health like those guys.


1- Did anybody expect Rose to do that? I sure didn’t.
2- DJ vs TJ – I really wanna see that fight, and now it’ll be even more exciting now that they’re BOTH champions with the titles on the line.
3- GSP! GSP! GSP! – I know Robert Whittaker should be next, but it’s time for us to finally see GSP vs Anderson Silva!! Gonna go watch the post-fight interviews to see who GSP is fighting next. He better not retire after just coming back!

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