November 29th, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

Like to the point that I want to literally end my life, like literally go through with suicide. I am a young LESBIAN woman. Otherwise, I DON’T see woman as SEX OBJECTS. Along with having frequent DREAMS/NIGHTMARES of men trying to get me to screw them, forcing me to screw them, telling me they want a blowie. I was signed up for these spam emails that I get to view every day This is what they read; “TRY THIS BONER BREW FOR A BETTER SCREW” “HOOK UP WITH ADELINE TONIGHT” “ERECT ON DEMAND” “LOOKING FOR A MILF NEAR YOU?” “DO YOU WANT TO COME OVER?” “CHAT WITH RUSSIAN WOMAN NEAR YOU” WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? It it is not funny. It’s literally the farthest thing from funny.  I swear to God, I cannot do this.

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