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Slipping away

by beautifulsinner

its day in day out, rinse wash repeat. i go through the motions, slightly numb inside. sometimes i feel a little bit, just the slightest bit of emotion to remind me that im alive and breathing.

i dont know why i do this to myself. why i let myself suffer this way. theres people around me that are trying to help me and care about me.. but the sad part is i just hate letting them down. i hate seeing them care for someone who doesnt even are about themselves. im not quite suicidal yet… but im getting there.. i can feel myself slipping away.. loosing touch with reality day by day. im afraid. im afraid of my mind and my thoughts, i just want to be normal and carefree.

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a1957 11/23/2017 - 12:41 pm

Numb inside. Dying starts to make sense. Living might make sense. Why are others more concerned with our living on than us? No idea.

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