sister visited & now farewell

  November 7th, 2017 by sadlife958

My married sister with 3 children visited us and stayed over for the night they rarely ever come since they live in New York and today I took my niece’s out to the park we got ice cream and of course as some of you know about my story about my past. I’m 26 going to 27 in Dec(which might not happen) even still never been in a relationship in serious debt hated by my family because at the moment I can’t support them like the way I was doing before besides myself since I’m in debt and make minimum wage. there’s just so much storyline into it I have a old post from last year it says about 3/4 of my story it all has all my pictures everything provided but

anyways what I wanted to share was as my sister was leaving I was telling her “if there is something you want to tell me if there is a comment that you want to make about me I’d suggest you tell me cuz now is the time” she laughed and she said “why you’re going to kill yourself” and I just Shrugged it off playing along with her little sarcasm laughing “hahaha who knows when you’ll visit again” my married sister knows that my mother and I don’t talk along with my other sister. But in truth I obviously actually am thinking about killing myself. but ofcourse she doesn’t know that and I’m just like okay goodbye as I was heading for the garage back into the house.

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