Sober vs Intoxicated

  November 26th, 2017 by whatshouldmynamebe

Assuming you were going to commit suicide. Would you choose to be sober or intoxicated? I think I’m going to be drinking some liquid courage when I make my final move. However, part of me is afraid that I will drink and just want to experience the euphoria of being drunk and not follow through. My hope is that being drunk will give me the courage needed to go through with my method. I was also thinking of taking pills that help with anxiety such as lorazepam, to again help me gain the courage to do it. I also have debated just trying to ‘man up’ and do it sober, more so from a philosophical point of view. Because do I really want my last thoughts to be some drunken stupidness.

Here’s a list of pros and cons I have come up with

Intoxication pros:

  1. Less last minute thoughts and doubts
  2. less anxiety in my final moments
  3. More courage to make the last move
  4. Induce the ‘fuck it’ attitude

Intoxication cons

  1. Getting too messed up and just passing out without attempting my method
  2. blotching up my attempt because I wasn’t fully aware of what I was doing and making sure everything was properly in place.
  3. Enjoying the high too much, therefor not attempting.
  4. Potentially changing my mind when it comes too suicide note ect. ( basically deciding to change what I had written down when I was sober)
  5. Basically  not trusting an intoxicated me to stay on task

Sober pros

  1. Having clarity of mind when going out
  2. Potentially experiencing a sense of peace and bliss that people talk about once they make their final move.
  3. Being more focused on having everything in place such as suicide method, suicide note ect
  4. Assuming I have the courage to do it, there is a more likely chance of me being successful.

Sober cons

  1. Potentially lots of anxiety, fear ect in my final moments
  2. Not having the courage to do it

Basically just wanting to know how you guys would choose. Not trying to ask for methods or anything. Just wondering that assuming your method didn’t involve drugs, would you choose to do it sober or intoxicated? and why?



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