The Girl Who Ran Away

  November 13th, 2017 by My Name Is

So there was this chick (not me) in my grade who ran away with some boyfriend of hers to Lord knows where and stayed with him for around a month. She recently came back and is doing class normally. She wasn’t hurt or did drugs or drank or anything big like that. In a way, she was gone and then she was back. When she first left, people were posting on their SnapChat stories on how they missed her for less than five hours. Then they started talking about something else and everyone forgot.

Even I forgot until I saw her in the gym sitting with some friends talking like normal. It was like a dream. My mom, a teacher who taught her, didn’t say a thing about her return. No one did. Of course I’m sure that her sister and mom had some things to say to her and had their share of grief, but everywhere else? It was like a dream. It was like nothing even happened. Just some story you’d tell people at a dinner party to get thirty seconds worth of attention followed by one “that’s crazy” before moving on to the topic of a popular movie.

It made me think, what if I was gone? Would people put on their stories “RIP my friend, I’ll always miss you <3” and then forget about me? Would they forget the date of my funeral if I ever had one? Would it be like nothing ever happened?

People talk about school orientations and dumb shit like that… that girl that went missing got none of that. And she was far more popular than me. It shows you that people really just don’t care. It’s scary, you know?

Who would miss me if I died? Who would remember me when the season of going to the beach with friends came around? Would they just go without me and post on their SnapChat stories “this was our favorite place” for a year and then forget? Or would they post at all?

That’s enough about social media though. What about real life? Would they talk about me? Would someone say “oh my god I can’t believe she killed herself” and then move topics? Would they tell my mom “sorry” in the halls and then forget along with herself? Would my old ex talk to her friends, find out, and feel anything at all other than surprise? Would anyone think about it more than a minute? The answer: probably not.

So why am I not dead yet.

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