The Poem.

  November 21st, 2017 by Quiet_Silence

The sum of my parts

An algorithm

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be

Torture has been provided, always free of charge

And I will not build up

My attention, to the creation…

My hunger is now ashes on the dust with scars chasing at

My heels

Play soft rhythms of destruction.

(Despite a plea.)


It’s not the anything that will kill me/(The sum of my parts)

Answers, why/(I am an algorithm)

Blood boils thick/(I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be)

Itching emptiness in every single corner/(Torture has been provided, always free of charge)

Hate is my loyal greedy friend/(And I will not build up)


//My attention, to the creation…//


Always arms welcoming


Answers, why

Climb stairs, then mountain, then

All has been achieved, duty done Doctor.


And inside

Time stood still for the worthless man

His thoughts ran amok with chaos

All light fully faded, from his eyes

The loud

The deafening

Piercing gaze, from his eyes darkened pitch



I know how to live lonely


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