The Poem No. 2

  November 28th, 2017 by Quiet_Silence

The Poem No. 2

How do you feel?
I don’t
Said the man in the mask
With a lovely sorrow in his eyes
It’s a nice day to imagine things that are not present
He concurred
It is also a nice day, for a fresh leap of faith into hell
Beggars can’t be choosers
A chooser cannot be a beggar
A lovely day


Here is the translation:

A Perfect Depression (is it possible to find a more cancerous poison than I?).

Only relief
No tears of grief
Shall be felt at my passing

Let the sun beat
One last ray of heat
Before I am gone

Alternatively, salvation
A word full of mockery, damnation
‘Tis only a fool who believes


In this perfect sorrow
There will be no tomorrow


What shall be felt at my passing?
Or indeed before I am gone?
Not disbelief, not disbelief…
Only, relief.

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