November 11th, 2017by TiredGenX

My cries of help have gone unanswered. Instead of hearing my pain, you choose only to see my flaws. You see me as weak, as ugly, as “less than.” I am not better than you. In fact, I am not even as good as you – and you let me know it. You tell anyone who will listen how bad you think I am. Now they think I’m bad, too.

And strangers – they see me as “ugly” and “unlikable” and “incompetent” just because of my face. Or bitchy. I get that, too. They don’t want my recommendations or my referrals. They see me as stupid and recruiters tell me I “don’t fit.”

I am not only not needed, I am not even wanted.

I am nobody. I am less than nobody.

I have no value to the people on this earth. And yet, I’m still here.

So, what is the point?

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