Violently Stressed

  November 25th, 2017 by GerbzBaby

As I’m typing this I feel like having a meltdown at work. Every call, every person that I talk to gets me angry. I feel like taking my fist to a wall. I’ve become very moody and violent as of late because of family and friends. They don’t listen and my friends either replace me with someone else or obsess the fuck over my sister. I feel unwanted and I want to run from it. Hanging out with my shit ass friend didn’t help me becaus he just kept trying to get my sisters attention as I tried to make a conversation with him. Everyone feels so devistated when they lose my sister as a friend and not me.. am I really not worth shit to any of them? I feel like I’m going in-fucking-sane. All I want are people who care and all I get are inconsiderate fucks that make me feel like I want to fucking die.

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