What’s wrong with me?

  November 7th, 2017 by Androlumos12

I scare myself. I scare myself everyday because no matter where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing, I always think about death. If I’m eating lunch with my friends, I consider running up to the roof of my three story school so I won’t break down because I know they hate me. I’m repulsive, so why not? I consider jumping, just so I can stop thinking about how much I hate myself.

If I’m at the store with my grandma, I want to buy a strong rope so I can be rid of myself by the next day. But with my luck it would break and send me to the floor, crying and shivering.

If I’m talking to my dad, I want to starve myself so it would be easier for the people to take away my body after I scratched my wrist enough in the bath to where I bleed out and finally,¬†finally, I get the sweet release of death. But then they wake me up and I feel the weight on my shoulders once more. It’s too much for me.

The reason there is something wrong with me, is that I’m only twelve and I want to die. I’m pathetic.

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