I’m done with life

December 31st, 2017by Elijah18

So i’m A freshman in high school and on paper my life sounds amazing, girls like me, I’m popular, good at sports, go to a good school, but on paper and real life are two very different things. I have some sort of depression, I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet. My school knows and they even set me up with a therapist. Ever since that my life has gotten worse and worse. My grades are fucking terrible(B’s C’s D’s F’s) So I’m fucked for my future. My mother fucking hates me, I go to a private school and she’s even said “why am I paying for you to go to school if your just gonna kill yourself. All she does is call me a ***** and a *****. I know would people would miss me but I’m done caring about that. I spend all my night crying myself to sleep hoping I dont wake up the next morning. I know everyone says it gets better but it hasn’t gotten better and I’m done hoping it will. Right now its New Year’s Eve and i plan on killing my self New Year’s Day. I have all my messages done and I have the plan to kill myself. When my mom leaves for work I plan to take some pills I’ve collected and after I send my messages I’m going to hang myself. I know my death will cause a lot of pain but I dont care anymore. If I decide not to do it I will reply to my post, hopefully I follow through with it and finally find peace.

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