constricting vines

  December 13th, 2017 by dsaucy

constricting vines have me
strangling my throat
cage my heart
pin my limbs down
the ashes are here now, insular and broken
when self doubt is at the forefront of the mind
when one is disinterested in everything
when the idea of a good life becomes a nuisance
the only strong desire is a silence
there are solely destructive ways to make it quiet
starving and imprisoned
i will one day leave this place
i cant wait for the day i am sated
short sighted infatuation became something to see through
teenage naivete smashed, the beauties became mundane
the absurdity of the experience leaves its marks to my arms
other people became too confusing to even begin to understand
other people became a nuisance as well
the once preserving love from blood
can no longer hold me above
eliminate myself

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