I need advices. not suicide related

  December 9th, 2017 by Urm8451n

Since last year,  I really feel like I have friends in this site. Who knows my story and read my words.

Therefor I’m going to bring here a different subject. It is not related to suicide.


There is the girl in my university which is incredibly beautiful and cute.  She is new to my country and I want to start with her (hit on her).

I would love to hear advices from all of you about what should I take in care before.  as if to “be more relaxed, talk slowly, keep your back straightened and smile”


I know it must be funny for you or maybe annoying to see such a post.  I didn’t mean it.

I’m addicted to the rush I get from trying things with low chances….. i’m addicted to the rush I get from everything that scares me……

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