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I need to know

by deep.abyss

I’ve been fantasizing death for a while now but the most ironic thing is that I don’t really want to be dead. Like yes I think I’m a hopeless person and that people will only see my worth once I’m dead, but I’ve never planned any suicidal acts. Can this still be called “suicidal”?

I have a friend who is the same, we’re both very hopeless and depressed but we punch each other’s faces if we ever talk about doing suicidal acts.

Idk if this is normal and I really want to know if someone else feels the same way.

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dietcigarette 12/13/2017 - 2:20 am

i can say that i do/have felt the same way – wanting to die but not really wanting to. my therapist once referred to it as “passively suicidal” – you think about it, want it, etc., but you don’t act upon it or plan to act upon it.

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