I’m 21

  December 7th, 2017 by lonewolf23

And the DMV is taking their sweet ass time to send me my new ID. It sucks because i wanna drink some brew but i can’t because every store is rejecting my temporary ID. Oddly enough it only worked once and it was on my first try but every time after that the cashier has rejected me. Off course i don’t blame em, I still look like a f***ing kid. Now I haven’t tried growing my facial hair out so maybe I’ll give that a try. But by the time i grow out my beard I’ll have my new ID so thats pointless. Anyways am i allowed to consume alcohol just not buy it? I tried finding an answer on google but i just couldn’t find anything. So if i go to a friends house and he has booze, am i legally allowed to consume it? I am technically 21 years of age. I turned 21 on September 25th this year. And no I’m no addict so don’t lecture me on “its not all that great” because i know that. I’ve been drinking for 2 years already. I had my first beer in Mexico on the beach when i was 18. I drink because i feel good when i drink. I don’t drink to “fit in” or “be cool”. Whoever started the “drink to be cool” trend is an asshole because now every young drinker is suspected of drinking for that sole purpose which is absurd. And i hate how non-drinkers demonize alcohol drinkers as if every drinker turns into an abusive wife-beater. But i guess we have the real wife beaters to thank for that stereotype. I get drunk and you know what!.. I don’t get crazy or mean. I become relaxed. I’m already a naturally relaxed person too. But even relaxed people get stressed and quite frankly meditation hasn’t always worked for me.

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