I’m just broken apart

  December 22nd, 2017 by Urm8451n

I don’t like this.  I started being way too much confidence, and way open. It is really good but when the sun goes down, at night,  I find myself feeling like…  traumatic or some sort of stress and depression.

As if I don’t want to talk or to be friends with anyone. As if I want quiet because that’s how I can function.


Maybe it’s just that few females have pretty much ignored my interests in them (which followed their interests in me before!)


actually I barely find connection between both.

I just feel like Im extremely depressed and that I’m fully “naked”   when I’m acting friendly. I don’t like this, at least not in this current life passage.  I still have a lot of fuck up shit to take care of.


I’m 20% already into my plan.

. I hope to make it guys through the following years.  I don’t feel like I can, but I know I will.


if I could have had a wish for the new year, it would to be a “mentally strong person”

that is all.. anyway good day

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