Night terrors

  December 1st, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

I have frequent night terrors of being raped. I thought it would leave me when I left my old house. It has followed me to this new house and I keep having these dreams. I have done nothing to make these dreams follow me. I am celebate and I don’t even watch pornography. I was so relieved to move because I thought the nightmares wouldn’t move with me. When I had another nightmare after moving, I will never forget how terrified I was. I thought it was something about the other house and they would stay there. Now I guess they are attached to me. I was thoroughly convinced they would end once I moved. No, I’ve had like ten really really bad ones in the last 7 months.


It’s hard because yeah, I like to socialize, but I do not care to hear about others sexuality and that is where I draw the line. Yeah, I might joke around but that doesn’t mean I want anything more.

I have SO MUCH MORE important things to do. I have SO MUCH to get done. And all others want to do is creep in my dreams and rape/molest me. It really disturbs me and makes it almost impossible for me to get what I need to get done, done. I have really lofty goals and this is not something I want to be experiencing so frequently. I’m actually very afraid. I think it might be demonic or supernatural, because I’m not even like that.

It puts me in the wrong state of mind. Makes me feel like all I can ever do is be a predator’s victim and I’ll never complete what I need to do. It’s not a mood I want to carry around.

Before they would only follow me in my dreams, now they’ve started following me in my waking life too. I think if I leave this house I may leave the scary freaks that latch onto me here too. I’ve been debating leaving and living on street. I know a bridge nearby I could sleep under. But winter is approaching. I’ll bet I’ll leave soon. I wasn’t afraid to leave before of anything other than the cold but I did have a supernatural experience (if you read my previous posts) last week on Black Friday…. a fucking demon popped out of the pitch black and started screaming at me. I didn’t see it but had to run 3 miles. It was a literal demon, I believe. (Like a witch or a banshee..)

It might have been a farm animal. But I didn’t see any animals nearby when I went back in the light

It almost sounded like a child screaming or an elderly woman or a teenager (there was no one around for miles) (so….maybe a dead elderly woman)

I want to leave and head for mountains but that fucking scared the shit out of me….. I don’t know what it was so if that was really a demon then fuck I’m scared to even leave the house at dark on foot now.


Then this other thing happened I was getting ready for bed and I heard this really creepy ghost sounding voice say “MEEMA” It sounded like it was right next to me.

My life is like that paranormal activity movie.


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