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by lonewolf23

Today was Christmas Eve and i am somewhat sad because all my co-workers seemed to hate how cheery i was today. I’m typically always happy and in a good mood no matter what day it is but for some reason it irritated some of my co-workers today. I work at a grocery store as a cashier and so it was super busy today but i didn’t mind. After all, who wants to be served by a grumpy employee on Christmas Eve? I know i wouldn’t appreciate it if i went through some cashiers line and got dealt a mean attitude. I understand being a cashier isn’t the most awesome thing in the world. I understand that its a crappy job but i wont let that stop me from being happy on my journey towards a better job. I’m gonna be a cashier for a while so i might as well make the best of it while i am one. I realized a couple years ago that one can never truly be happy if they have the mindset of “I’ll be happy once I have a million dollars” or “I’ll be happy once i get a girlfriend”. Don’t get me wrong, happiness really is a pursuit but sometimes all it takes is some perspective to change how you feel about life. I realized a couple years back that although my job sucks I should be greatful that i even have a job. I realized i was living in one of the safer areas of the world compared to other places. I realized that i had a big supportive family. I even realized that my lunch tasted delicious today so I enjoyed it to the fullest. And sometimes all it takes to be happy is to remind yourself of what you do have rather than what you’re missing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more out of life but the journey towards a better life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it on ourselves often. And so although I’m a little sad today about what they said, i won’t let it drag on to tomorrow because what they said to me and how they treated me has passed. I know it’s probably not personal anyways so why worry about it i figure. This is how I prefer to live so I’m sorry if it makes some people upset. I used to be the same way as them so i know what its like.

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