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I died in the war in a past life. Personal life vs. public life. I am actually Martin Luther King Jr. and I was shot. Now I’m an Indian when the pilgrims came to infestate America. Now I’m a black man in slave times. Now I’m a woman who’s husband beats her every night. I actually died of dysentery on The Oregon Trail. I was a miner when the cove collapsed over my head. I died of Ebola in Africa. I was the first man with AIDs. I was the captain of the titanic and went down with the ship. Small Pox wiped out my brothers when I was a boy…. Grave’s disease got me years later. I was a Jew in Nazi Germany. Huricane Katrina struck and I died trapped underneath a roof. I was murdered by Ted Bundy. My car got hit by a train in a rural town. I drowned in the ocean. I tried to climb Mt. Everest and I died of hypothermia. Now I’m a cat and I was ran over by a truck. I am an innocent black man who was shot and killed by the police. I am young person who died from an energy drink overdose. I am a rockstar who died taking too many shots of Jim bean. I am Hemingway. I am Kurt Cobain. I am Jim Morrison. I am Jimi Hendrix. I am Janice Joplin. I am an unborn baby. I am a gay man that was killed in that gay bar shooting. I am a student at Columbine reading in the library. I am Cecil the Lion. I am JFK happily riding by the country and citizens I love in my cruiser. I am Francis Farmer. I am a victim at the Las Vegas Jason Aldean concert. Add if you feel the meaning. I am a victim from the Silk Road. I am a hooker whose pimp murdered. Someone was supposed to be watching me.


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clipped-wings 12/7/2017 - 10:26 pm

I read this over a few times. It’s really good. Thought provoking. You may not like yourself but you’re a pretty good writer.

Cause of Death: Suicide 12/9/2017 - 3:04 am

Yes I wrote this immediately after a woman on here was confirmed to be found dead. It was my initial response after feeling damn bad after a sob story from her survivors, but knowing it my heart it is her decision to make

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