The Reality Of Demons

  December 6th, 2017 by hope432

I had this dream: there were burglars breaking into my house. I try to lock the door, I don’t succeed. I try to call the police but the phone doesn’t work. They enter the house followed by a black cat. As I fought them I realized they were demons. I had power over these demons. Suddenly I realized that the black cat transformed into my cat. There were 3 cats in the bed, all looking like my cat. I realize that there is a demon inside one of the cats. There was something from another dimension in the air and cat made different unearthly and hellish sounds. It freaked me out. As I realize that I am actually fighting a demon, I started to flog the cat with my belt and the cat made hellish screams. A demon was screaming inside the cat. Then I shout: “I bent you and cast you into the fires of hells” then suddenly my belt, as if by magic enveloped the cat, which continued to scream hellish things.


I strongly believe in the reality of demons, partly because of the attacks I have faced myself and partly because of near death experiences, out of body experiences, stories of exorcism, stories of people hearing voices and sensing hellish smells. All of this does happen.

The concept of “demon” has existed during our whole history as humans in every culture. It’ s also inside our collective unconscious.

And I can tell you. Demons are terrible. They are unearthly and therefore inhuman. They only like to torture and suck the energy out of a human being. I suggest you to read Howard Storm’s near death experience.

And I also suggest you not to commit suicide because in your hellish inner state, you can be dragged easily to a hell reality. It’s much better to stay on earth. Trust me. You are humans. I am humans. And I care for you. I love you.

Peace. My next message will be one of hope.

P.S: My dream can look even funny to some of you who will discard it as nonsense. But when you sleep and have a dream everything is real, feels very real and painful. It’s the same with the afterlife realms.

Even a cat in a hell can cause you to freak out because everything is very weird in hell. Weirder than you can imagine. (to give you an idea, imagine crazy possessed dolls, mad clowns and many other things which are not even conceived by the human mind).





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