The vast emptiness

  December 8th, 2017 by Urm8451n

I remember myself as a young kid, around 3-4 y. o.

Enjoying the days, seeing though life, and loving each moment.

I used to love researching bugs and examining the whole town I lived in.

That passion have stayed with me untill around age 11…


Now I’m 21, and right now, at this moment,  I feel so null.

I don’t feel actually, anything.  I can’t explain it but…. It’s like I’m  lacking the ability to feel.

I’m not using medication or drugs to deal with my problems.   I think my body has always had its own ways of keeping me (relatively)  sane.

I’m feeling like good to go on my plan.

At my hardest times, I always liked singling out from society, and really putting the effort on me and on my problems. And then, afterward,  I used to get back to socialize with people and friends. As if I was reborned.


Does anyone of you do the same?  Like, really, leaving society aside, and focusing on your work/studies/ weight/  or other problems?

I would love to know that.

Also, does anyone here feels a serious lack of ability to feel?

Is it permanent in your case? Or just temporary due to hard times?


waiting for your answers guys.

Anyway stay strong, be brave, yours psychopath –   Jac.

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