There’s so many people. Yet no one to talk to.

  December 20th, 2017 by hollowchest

How is it so possible to feel so alone.. when we’re supposedly so connected.. I go here to vent to rant to just get it off my chest. Say something anything even if nobody’s listening. Even so, it’s way better than bottling everything up in my soul. Feel like at any moment I’m ’bout to blow. Where’s a gun when you need one? All I have is this imaginary one replaying in my head. The sweet release of death. Oh how comforting it feels. Like home. The warm embrace. The darkness where everybody acknowledges who I am. Among the ones who felt the same. Wish it would all just go away.. More guns added to my head each day. So much, now I’m inside the ring. Fighting for my life. Just one shot and I’m out cold right? Been a blizzard ever since then. Guess I got numb from the frostbite. Just keep me up just keep me up..

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