Wednesday Attempt.

  December 2nd, 2017 by whatshouldmynamebe

Wednesday I will finally attempt. It has been a long time in the making. My method has a 97% lethality rate and I’ve made sure that everything is in place so that it will actually work. It seems pretty fool proof.

Unfortunately, I will be making this attempt at home. Meaning it will be a member of my family discovering my suicide. It’s not ideal, but i’ve exhausted my options and it seems this is the best way.

I am halfway through or so writing my suicide note, I also have time cave setup to send emails to certain friends 12 hours after my attempt ( so I have time to cancel if it doesn’t workout). I will be doing it in the basement of my house, I will lock the door and put a note on the outside of the door saying that I have committed suicide and not to unlock the door until EMS has arrived (In hope of saving my family from seeing my dead body in that state)

I will also have have another note outlining my method and why I chose it.

I will possibly be making posts or answering comments up until Wednesday night, feel free to ask any questions ect!




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