What’s there to look forward to?

  December 20th, 2017 by eternaldarkness

I mean, really?

– The economy is crap. They’re trying to cut healthcare, and practically everything the poor and middle class has. They’ve already pushed through the ‘fuck-you-poor-people tax plan.’ Also the ‘fuck-you-middle-class’ plan. Anyone making under 75k just deserves to get screwed over, cuz well, it’s your fault you make too little and therefore are unimportant like the little peons you are, so who gives af about you?
– Every day there’s more news about new and better ways politicians, giant corporations and the rich fuckers are screwing us over.
– Net neutrality is dead. Companies can fuck with your internet, throttle your speed and jack up your rates even more.
– The price of everything has gone up- rents, mortgages, food, education, healthcare- what am I forgetting? Everything has gone up. But real wages have not increased since 1972. 19 fucking 72. That’s longer than 3/4 of the people on SP have been alive.

SIX people (the Walton heirs of FuckYouMart) have more wealth than the bottom HALF of the WORLD population, COMBINED. Sure, life is great- if you’re not the poor or middle class, or part of the 3.8 BILLION people on Earth.

Anyway, Happy Fucking New Year. 2018 looks great.

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