70’s Rock

  January 5th, 2018 by Gary555

I usually only come on here lately to post a song and I only do that when I’m drinking a little. Alcohol is a dangerous drug for me. I’m already depressed and alcohol makes it worse so why do I drink? Because it’s a hit and miss drug, which is why it makes it so dangerous. Actually I think all drugs (except maybe crack cocaine and heroine should be legal)

The reason I think that is I can’t even smoke pot anymore because it makes me paranoid as hell but if they legalized it, like they’re about to do in my state they would regulate it. When they regulate it they’ll separate the different strands and some strands make you less paranoid than others.

Just stop fucking with us and legalize and regulate this stuff. It would be a win situation on so many levels. BTW are you still around DeathDreamer. I miss you. I’m a lonely man and you’re a good looking woman. Even though you cut me off every time I tried to talk to you lol.

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