99.9% certain Im gonna do it…when the weather warms up

  January 6th, 2018 by mountaingoat

I just hate the idea of going when it’s cold and snowy out.  Not sure if that makes any sense or not.   Im Canadian so we really get winter.


My life has just become impossible.  My wife left me for a guy 9 years younger than me so of course I lost my home and family for that,  it made me so depressed I couldn’t do my job attentively and got fired.  I can’t seem to find something else.


Life has just become impossible, so, fuck it I say.  Im sickened by the human race anyways.  All the miserliness and ignorance.


Probably will go in Aug or Sept.  Ill post something here a day before with a detail or two that will make it so you guys can find the story online if it makes the news.

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