A life, interrupted

  January 5th, 2018 by Cause of Death: Suicide

My life, already being cut short, I can’t believe the last experiences I have will be having needles shoved into my arms of “Anti-Psychotics” when I have never been “Psychotic” and being raped in the ass and a bunch of r*tards following me all around whether I’m awake or asleep they are there to sabotage my entire world. Now I am just waiting for the right time. I have had all the materials needed for a clean suicide since June. Trying to figure out if there is anything I need/want to do beforehand. I read this guy said only 5 people on this site have actually committed suicide. Now I am not just saying this, I really have been trying to end my life since a teenager. I really am going to kill myself. Do you think there is only 5 that have committed suicide? Is Jmann66 still alive? He said he was ready and wanting to end his life about a week ago. And that he was going to in the morning. He had been that way since August or September.

Personally, since this is my choice, I will feel lucky to have been one of the deceased.

What else to say, goodbye, I guess?

I was going to live to finish my band’s album and paint my room so at least the walls wouldn’t be the color of burnt sh*t, but now I don’t even want to……..
Feel surrounded by dumbasses and creeps. It’s not worth it.
I guess I can take my 40$ and figure out how to waste it before.
I am trying to get a ride out of here preferably to somewhere warm…. but… I don’t want to ride with……creeps (Which account for about 70% of the human population)


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