Detachment from reality, attachment to… fantasy?

January 8th, 2018by mindlessgamer619

Sometimes my head gets the best of me, and I wind up thinking of how superheroes and supervillians let out their pent up emotions a lot of the times. Most involve an explosion of fire or insert power here that destroys many acres of land, or changing into some monster or creature and ramping through some populated area, or unleashing one’s latent power as a result of feeling or circumstance, or just finally snapping and melting down physical objects because you’re a freaking pyromancer or something..

I tend to see the flames in my hand, or the crackling electricity (like playing first person Skyrim, if you get what I mean). Things play out too unrealistically in my mind most of the time, and quite frankly, it annoys me.

I feel like I’m no longer properly logical or analytical. It’s not like I’m knowledgable in anything useful irl, I’m just some computer “geek” (I use the term geek in a somewhat ironic way). I don’t make sense to myself. I am a 180 of myself. Innocence died, and I became an insane recluse, confiding in people online, who I believe understand me better than the people who raised me and/or grew up around me irl.

I’m worried I’ll snap in a really bad way, and wind up on the street or some shit. I know I overthink, but still..

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