help regarding trichotillomania

January 30th, 2018by iamdarling

(i know this isn’t the right place to post this but i can’t find anything related to this issue anywhere else on the internet)


so, i need some help. i have had trichotillomania for the past five years, and i have been trying to beat it/recover idk for about one and a half years.

i pull at my eyelashes, and sometimes i notice that my eyes look more sparse/bare, even when i haven’t been pulling. i’m pretty sure i haven’t been pulling without realising because my fingernails are quite short and also, the lashes tend to ‘dissapear’ in places that the lashes would be too short for my nails to pull out anyway.

i’m wondering if they fall out, but i never notice any resting on my face or fallen into my eyeball like when eyelashes usually fall out.

does anyone else with trichotillomania have this problem? or does anyone know what’s happening? thanks


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