If God exists!

  January 3rd, 2018 by Mgababa

There are few theories explaining how life came about, then there’s the most senseless one in my opinion and is widely regarded as true: Creation. I cannot dismiss its  possibility though. If it’s true however, then its the saddest reality in my opinion, it shows that there’s a greater “evil” than we actually witness in the world, there’s the most wicked entity and that entity is the one responsible for creation therefore all that we come across, that repulsive; spiteful and vile entity is god. For all my life I’ve never experienced true happiness, and the situation gets worse with time. I tried my best to improve myself and the quality of my life but I dismally failed because of my very limited capabilities. I’m not blaming god for my inadequacies, but if what they say is true about his omniscience, then I hate him with everything in me. He foreknew that my life would be miserable and that of  all who took their own lives before me but he went on and created us for his own selfish reasons subjecting us to torture. I don’t mean to rant but I needed to write down how disgusted, repulsed and hateful I am of that sadistic monster. My one last wish is to see that piece of trash and spit in his face, disregarding the consequences I would be satisfied  For the first time ever.

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