I’m figuratively scared

  January 22nd, 2018 by Urm8451n

Finals are coming, my heart bit rate is taking off.
Dreamless nights, my sensation gets keen.
Dilate pupil.

Suddenly, I’m in the dark. I’m exposed like a baby in the cold darkness.
The whole building is the cage I’ve created for me, and I should be at the studies room. But as the fear of failing increases, I began to search around the house for a meaning.

A few rooms caught my eyes. Some were gymnastic room, the other was room with my close friends, and another one with my family.

But to all I felt alienated. They were creepy, full of silent and blood.

I ran to the kitchen, to make something to eat, but I couldn’t. My stomach fought me.

My heart bit increases. I feel cracks over the floor, and behind me there is this extremely silent touch of a blood soaked human being.

I see that the house just got smaller and that my fears got out of the cage. I turn around to face them. I FREEZE.

I didn’t remember them being so strong! How did they manage to leave the other rooms?!
I thought I’ve grew since last time we met. I sure did, but they did grow too.

They stare at my eyes. All of them are a kind of dead evil hybrid mutations.

to be continued….

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