I’m tired of being on stage.

  January 6th, 2018 by Imnothuman

Life is a joke. One big bad ugly joke that I don’t care to live for, for much longer. True happiness is something that I’ve never been able to experience, I can’t feel it. I’ve always wondered how other people could.

I’ve always been like this, ever since I could remember I’ve always felt this excrutiating pain in my mind, in the way I think, and for years I’ve tried so hard to suppress that pain or distract myself from it. But I can’t, in the end I’m just not strong enough.

It’s fine though because it will all end soon enough. I know suicide is one of the most selfish acts one can commit but i dont care. I’m tired of trying to please others, I’m tired of performing for everyone on a day to day basis and pretending like im just like everyone else, “happy” and “content”.

Soon I’ll put an end to it by performing one of the grandest and most selfish acts of all.


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