It’s happening.

  January 11th, 2018 by Mars

I knew my life would always end by my own hand, but really tried hard to keep off that path.
Now I’m just kinda creating a to do list.
My dog is the only thing I kinda worried about, I guess having an ex get attached to him worked out.
I’m American, so best way is by firearm after driving to a remote location where I’m less likely to run into anyone. Most stories I read of people surviving gun shots to the head, were shot in the frontal lobe and where able to get medical help soon enough.
I’m thinking of letters to write. There’s my immediate family, a few friends. I kinda want to write my therapist a letter too. I’ll most likely send all letters through snail mail or an express service to arrive 2 days after I’ve done with copies on my computer. And whatever instructions I can come up with.
I’m not sure what to even write. I’m not angry at any of them, not really. I don’t want them to feel guilty, even for the things the should feel a bit bad about.
I wish I could leave some of my art pieces to them but there all mostly concepts that I barely started and have been unable to finish.

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