January 8th, 2018 by pylon

How does the universe exist? And why!?

We know something exists. We also know that something cannot come from absolute nothing; therefore, something has always existed. Such an uneasy thought…

So we go further.

We know that things change. We also know that something unchanging cannot start changing; therefore, something has always been changing. What’s that? Still uneasy? Agreed.

Let’s make it worse.

If something has always existed and is always changing, that means an infinite amount of change has occurred up to this moment. Ugh!!!

But this moment did occur! And out of all the infinite number of moments before, why did this one happen now!?

Wait a minute… Who are you asking? Me!? What do I look like? A wizard? Psh!

Ok, fine. Let’s see…

The universe has been around FOREVER, and has undergone an infinite amount of change. This moment exists simply because it is possible, and if it is possible, it will be. (There is an alternative possibility where everything is actually running in a loop, but forget that : )

So what?

So, you are possible, therefore you are. Your purpose? Well, if I knew the answer to that…

I mean! The only way you can know purpose is to know what makes something possible. What drives possibility? Why are some things possible and not others? What makes the rules?

And why wasn’t a different rule chosen? It must be the only possible rule. It must be the rule that generates all other rules. What could it be!?

It must be universal. (Literally.)
You should see it everywhere you look.

It must drive everything.

The rule:
To seek unity.
To combine.

*Shouts come from the audience*
“Booo!!! What a dissapointment!”
(A little further back) “Loser!”

But wait! There’s another rule!
Unity cannot be achieved.

And therein lies the tragedy that underpins everything.

Your purpose is to seek unity. To love. Tragically, you will never truly succeed.

But at least you know what your ultimate purpose is now 🙂

Or maybe it’s to seek enlightenment or something. What do I know? I’m just a freaking suicidal pylon for godsake! Someone put me on the road somewhere so I can get run over and attempt to achieve unity with the pavement.

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