The Paradigm Shift

  January 9th, 2018 by Veracity

Some of the new hobby; spiderman POV

It seems as though time is the best transforming agent there is–from shifting belief systems and altering perspectives, to the reshaping of the inner world. All in all Im pretty fuckin happy with who I have been gradually transforming into overall. Im still goddamn rough around the edges to say the least but, the more enigmatic, and outlandish I have become the more women have responded to me. The more I have found and run towards my reasons to live: psychedelics, spirituality and antropology the more the bullshit is easier to deal with. Despite me being more volatile and violent; my genuine colours shine through brighter. Just becoming naturally comfortable with myself through time; learning emotion is normal. Learning to be human. And psychedelics have been the catalyst to that–including ayahuasca–opening my eyes to the experience of reincarnation beyond an intellectual idea.


I let myself fuck around with guys last year too. Albeit a little different, Im still more comfortable sexually with the gals but it was alright. Im getting stronger day by day. One thing I will say is the fucking intensity of my spiritual, psychic sensitivity is a bit too intuitive now since working with my shaman and ayahuasca. To me, 2017 was a necessary casualty in what I call the Take over. This is the year of boomarang. The indigo boomarang. Farther you throw me I just come back swinging even stronger. Truly indestructible and I see how powerful and strong the human spirit is. Listen, dont give up. Theres always a reason to live; if only to fight for your pride and dignity. You define your why to be here. This life is pain and it is a constant. You are learning to fuckin fight.

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