These things weigh heavy on my heart

  January 9th, 2018 by some kid

Me – 17yrs haven’t accomplished anything but managed to fail at everything and get depressed
Jasmine Thompson – 17yrs talented singer
Martin Garrix – 21yrs producer and dj, released his hit track animals at age 14
Porter robinson – 25yrs amazing producer (just listen to shelter), 18 when he began his career
Synthion – 16yrs music producer and composer
Avicii – 28yrs music producer and musician, tons of success
Mesto – 18yrs upcoming music producer and dj
Owl City – 31yrs talented musician, singer, songwriter, and producer, lots of successful albums
Jonghyun – 27yrs talented singer, songwriter, and kpop star, commit suicide but at least he will be remembered
Mayaui – 19yrs self taught at art and speaking 5 languages
Auxie – 20yrs artist, musician, bilingual, attractive
Michael Phelps – 32yrs retired
Masashi Kishimoto – 43yrs talented manga artist, author of naruto
Someone i know – 21yrs almost completed college, married, attractive
Someone else i know – 17yrs college scholarship offer
Majority of people who exist – good grades, friends, enjoy life

These things weigh heavy on my heart because I know that I will never have the same level of achievement. I’m not the person I dreamed of being. I wanted to be someone successful and a perfectionist. Accepting the fact that I cant ever obtain this hurts. Without even being aware of it I’ve lost this race before it began.

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