Today started so bad

  January 7th, 2018 by Apersonyoudontknow

I was supposed to have a test today and I didn’t go and a friend of mine has a birthday today and I don’t wanna go to that.. I just want to die..

I tried taking pills a few years ago obviously it didn’t work I also immidetly told my parents and went to the hospital I got therapy for around a year.. I managed for about 3 years I distracted myself with tv and my phone, but this year had just been terrible I started going to therapy again and it helped at first than it got worse so i started taking pills which helped but ever since last week I can barley function, it’s not for some special reason I just don’t want to live anymore I can’t find a reason to keep living..

My family is extremely supportive and they try so hard to help, them and my therapist want me to try and pick myself up as well but at this point I don’t want to anymore..

I’m in my final year in high school and I keep messing stuff up for myself I’m supposed to go to the army after that, and I wanted to get into an important position there but I have a feeling i will mess that up too.

I just want to die.. at first I didn’t want to hurt the people around and that was the only thing that kept me going but now even that doesn’t help..

I just need a find a way to do it..

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