wtf just happened?

January 6th, 2018by SleeplessMind

Got a call. Niece in hospital. Attempted suicide. Would have succeeded if not for neighbour checking in. Saw the signs a week ago that things were getting rough. Depression ran deep. Could be an attempt coming.. Didn’t do a thing.. Simply brought groceries/gifts. In my own twisted f*cking head I could not interfere. I couldn’t BS her and say “life is a f*cking unicorn that sh*ts rainbows.” I couldn’t bring myself to be a hypocrite. When all I want is the final ride, how could I ask her to live? By nature, I am not dishonest. I can’t lie to save a life.

I don’t know how to begin to approach her to speak about suicide, depression, etc. I can usually speak with her openly but only if we are 1-on-1. She has been through so much loss and heartache in her young life to allow others in easily.

Any advise? Suggestions?

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