February 8th, 2018 by miszion

my roommates are gone

Sam the cat is purring on the foot of my bed. purring so loud in his own cute, goofy way.

maybe I’m not completely alone, but I am….alone, nonetheless.

maybe somewhere in my room, he is there, watching over me. maybe when I get undressed he covers his eyes because we are still that naive, even when we are alone, I see us that way…

Young. Naive. Nervous.

we weren’t alone when we were together. I felt a world of courage just under our fingertips. just your name popping up on my phone screen, Little Reminders of You, were entire landscapes of love. I was never alone when you were around.

i am now. I am alone now. you are…wherever you are. I am just trying to get by.

I am alone now.

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