February 4th, 2018 by Snoopy41

I feel as though I’ve been changing in character over the last few months.

For a start, I feel increasingly disconnected with what is going on around me. My usual (music and language) lessons that I have done as a hobby for years are becoming more and more difficult to focus on. I’m struggling to see the relevance of them, the point of them. I think it’s because I’m struggling to be able to see beyond more than a month or two.

The day to day running of the house and family is painful. I look at things that need doing, even finances that need organising, and think ‘so what’? I do them, but it’s such an effort. It’s like dragging a ball and chain.

I tried playing ‘stay another day’ that (ladolcemorte posted) at work – that just made me start to cry so had to be turned off pretty pronto.

I seem to be less sensitive to ‘risky’ situations than I used to be. Example – a few days ago, dog and I saw some guy shouting at some woman aggressively. Normally, I would probably have just moved on. After all – no-one was getting physically hurt (and I don’t usually fancy the idea of getting beaten up). Instead, I went and stood between the two. No way was it bravery. It was more – I don’t give a damn.

Does anyone else get these feelings?

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