Could it be? I have MD.

  February 12th, 2018 by Urm8451n

Major depression.

I have pushed it too far on my own. I pushed it too far and now there is a visible damage. I can’t fall asleep. I’m extremely sad. I feel so alone. I feel emptied.

I feel that if I’ll jump a high story building, I’ll enjoy the rush. I’m not sure what got broken up in my mind. But I’m sure that I pushed too far…..

I hope that…I will gain the power needed to finish my plans (of succeeding University and paying off all financial debts).

I’m always positive, and logical……I plan through my way to the top.

Buy I fucking crashed you guy. I crashed. I went through some old E mails. I can’t say I’m happy as I used to be. I can’t say that I feel the feelings I used to feel.
Something in me died on the way.

I saw so much fucked up shit that staying alive is well blessed. That is all I need, to durable this path.

I wish I would over come this lonely dark feeling.

I think that getting a girlfriend will help me a lot…… Perhaps it isn’t the right reason, but it is blessed.


Stay strong, be brave, yours Jac.

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