Escaping from reality

  February 11th, 2018 by Urm8451n

Dealing with demons again, looking for help around this site, perhaps your ways are better than mine.

I feel like I’m shutting down, and I’m drowning under my blanket, as if my breath is slowly getting heavier.

I wanted to know, what is your escape from reality?

Im dealing with lots of complications and my so far only way to cope is to watch cartoons (southpark/Futurama etc) and do sports. Perhaps you can enlighten me. and please keep the “smoke weed” bullshit to yourself.

On another note, I wanted to state that I’m going to find relationship next semester. I’m an extremist when it comes on surviving and perfecting certain situations. And current situation makes me focus only on studying and working. Therefor I exclude any option to meet new girls, even if they are in to me. So, stating something like this, is really helping me to pre plan time for socializing.

Anyway, hope you do well, more than welcome to let me know how you guys doing. Stay strong and be brave, Yours – Jac.

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