Feeling underprepared, as usual..

February 8th, 2018by mindlessgamer619

I honestly hate the irrelevant bullshit that runs through my head. I hate the nonsensical, weird, and sometimes scary (scary to me anyway) dreams I tend to have, and still remember to this day.

I hate that things that aren’t even scary, creep me out, make my skin tingle and make me twitch a little. Things like glitches in games and video, or broken glass/monitors creep me out. Or something just looks weird when I watch it and I wind up having bad dreams about it.

What sucks the most is that I just feel conpletely unprepared for the situation I threw myself in 2 months ago. I was fed up with home and finally left. My best friend from hs let me move in with him, and I’m grateful. But I’m worried I’ll fuck up during my interview, that I’ll fuck up if I get the job, that I’d wind up fed up at whatever job I work, and on and on and on.


Part of me thinks I’m trying too hard to smile and laugh sometimes. That I’m not trying hard enough to save money until I have an income of sorts. One day at a time I guess…

At least I have you guys to rant to.

Thanks for reading.




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