Good bye

  February 19th, 2018 by Nanika

I’m leaving.


I don’t want to come back here anymore.


After looking for suicide methods and all, finding this SP was an enlightenment. Thanks.


I knew great people here, but I feel powerless, as someone who worries more about others than myself, seeing so much pain and not being able to physically helping makes me sad.


I never liked online stuff I like real things, worrying about others is great but being close in person is even greater

I used to travel 3 hours by car to go to stay close to someone who needed help, with more 3 hours to get home.

If I could travel to every place to help every one of you and make my life that way I would be glad and would have a better purpose.


You are all heroes here, some religious say that we choose what we want before being born, that means we saved someone from our karma.

Other say that we pay for past life mistakes, what I don’t belive much due to the fact that before having this karma from past lives we were pure at some point.


Thank you all for your kindness, I hope I haven’t said rude things to anyone, but if I did I apologize.


I looked for ways to close this account but I didn’t find it, so I’m logging off this site.

It was nice as long as it lasted.


Clipped wings I’ll always consider you as a heroine, I hope and pray for miracle to get you cured.

I like you a lot, but as usual I don’t deserve anyone friendship.

I wish you all a better life, that the problems go away, that your minds get healed.


That a miracle falls on every one of you.

My heroes, my partners, my brothers and sisters.


  • Good bye.


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